Andi Setiano Rosandi

Assistant Vice President of Product Management Division, Bank Negara Indonesia

Andi Setianto Rosandi is Assistant Vice President of Product Management Division of PT Bank Negara Indonesia Persero (tbk), He accomplished full life cycles on numerous Customer Relation in Merchant Business as Acquisition and Relation, building conception to completion, usage program, sales program, maintenance program, leading and team coordination. Experience cover merchant business policy and merchant financial analysis, govement social program and debit card development.

Curently, he is also involved with BNI Waste Management Program (Let’s Save with Waste). It was carried out with business model synergised financial literacy in the governance of partnership business. One of them was synergy between community-based waste management with BNI Branchless Banking services ‘Agent46’ with the Product such as ‘BNI Pandai and BNI Simpanan Pelajar’.

Throught ‘Ayo, Menabung Sampah’ or ‘Let’s Save with Waste’ programme, BNI offers Bank administration system connected with Agent46 system, this system replace manual recording and can be made in real time transaction by converted waste to directly deposited into customer BNI Pandai or BNI Simpanan Pelajar account.

This program goal  was implemented to increase environmental awareness in BNI’s supply chain, and to support the society movement for Diet Waste in Indonesia.

From the result of the project conducted in Jakarta Capital Region and several other areas, 150 Waste Banks, have been rescruited to become Agent46, more than 260 schools engaged with the program and 159.622  people have become BNI Customers.