Nicolas Perez

Technical Director, PT PIPA

Nicolas has accumulated experience within the Indonesian market since 2008, driven by determination and growing concern for the country’s exceptional diversity, gaining specialization in water resource management and environmental sustainability. Nicolas grew up in France, Middle East and finally Indonesia where his career begun, in a water consultant company. He has spent the past 12 years planning, advising and coordinating consultancy services specifically designed for private-sector water users. He has successfully led projects where he is able to express his planning, communication, technical skills and experience, empowering his clients. Nicolas’ strength is to build the required trust and mobilize the transparency through close relationships with partners to meet their needs and achieve successful outcomes. Having drafted numerous water sustainability strategy proposals based on in-depth analysis of specific issues, he is proud to have transformed some of these proposals into sustainable development showcases.

His specialties include having a strong background in technical management, administration, and business development. Through deep and intensive field involvement, he has accumulated a wide range of references that allow me today to propose a strong technical background. His expertise covers environmental analysis, water resources planning, utility operations, technical writing, graphics, and communications as well as managing the human factor.

His work focuses on applying structured approaches to make strategic choices around responsible resource use and policy, and have applied this to various sectors including water use planning, energy, local economic development, biology and conservation. Ultimately, his versatile experience allows to clearly address climate changes and sustainability challenges.

His clients range from industries, hospitality, private sector users, municipalities, regional governments and Bi-laterals involved in water infrastructure.