Zuhair Ahmed Kowshik

Global Representative, Children and Youth Major Group of UNEP, Manager, EARTHDAY.ORG

Zuhair advocates for the inclusion of youth voices in global and regional environmental governance processes. He demonstrates excellent leadership skills in environmental policy advocacy. He completed his graduation and post-graduation on Disaster Management from the University of Dhaka. He is an expert in networking, which he puts to promote multiple programs focused on environmental concerns. He facilitates numerous platforms for empowering youths to play critical and competitive roles in the environmental dimensions of sustainable development by offering action-based learning programs about all the aspects of resilience and sustainability and providing access to resources and networks. Zuhair is also an environmental educator, and through his ‘Climate Literacy Program,’ he has trained and sensitized over 5000 youths on climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss. He took part and played an active role in intergovernmental fora and meetings to uphold the expectations and demands of the youth in ensuring their meaningful inclusion in negotiations, propelling environmental multilateralism, and implementing the environmental dimensions of SDGs. As the Manager of EARTHDAY.ORG in Bangladesh, he is currently administering a community-led adaptation project for planting 100,000 mangroves in the country’s coastal region to build community resilience to climate change consequences. Zuhair also promotes green entrepreneurship among youths to respond to the triple planetary crisis.